'Avatar 3’ To Introduce A New Evil Fire Na’vi Clan


Movie lovers are patiently waiting for the third installment of the 'Avatar' movie after the first two hit the screens. 

And everyone are excited to know about what the third film from the science fiction franchise has in store for the audience. 

However, the Avatar director James Cameron has already left a hint about what is coming up for the viewers. 

The upcoming sequel will be based on  a whole new  group  of Na'vi .

Cameron in an interview with 20  Minutes said that he wanted to show Na'vi from another angle as he has only shown the good side until now. 

 The filmmaker said that the movie will delve more into new worlds while focusing on the main characters.

The prequels saw tribes that were forest-dwelling and the ones that lived by the coasts of Pandora. However the new tribe 'Ash People' will represent fire. 

The second part of the movie has also been well received by the audience. The third part will probably have more action.  

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