Beast Titan V/S Attack Titan: Who Is More Powerful?

All the 9 founding titans have special abilities in attack on Titans. Two of the most popular titans in Attack on titan are the attack titan and the beast titan. Let's find out which titan is stronger

The current holder of the beast titan is Zeke Yeager, Eren’s older brother. The Beast Titan truly resembles a monster. This is due to the Beast Titan's ability to adopt the physical traits of other animals, albeit each shifter alters the Beast Titan's overall appearance.

Who Is Beast Titan?

The current Beast Titan has the power to turn mortals into titans, but this is only possible since the shifter is descended from royalty. The Beast Titan's destructive throwing powers are typically its best quality, but aside from that, all it can do is harden its skin. The Beast Titan used his bare hands to smash boulders and threw them at the Survey Corps. He eventually took them all out with several volleys.

What Are Beast Titan's Powers?

The Attack Titan is now held by Eren Yeager, who has demonstrated exactly how powerful it can be in combat. The attack titan is the first titan that Eren acquired. When it comes to powers, the Attack Titan can view the memories of its previous and upcoming owners, which can be quite useful.

Who Is Attack Titan?

The Attack Titan continuously seeks to advance by battling for freedom due to this ability. Given that it has been successful in outlasting numerous of the other Nine Titans in combat, it is undoubtedly one of the strongest. Eren was still able to defeat the Armored Titan despite its much tougher skin than his.

Between the two titans, the attack titan is stronger. The attack titan has the constant need to fight for freedom and he can battle amazingly. The beast titan, on the other hand, has the skill of throwing around stuff.

The beast titan is quite useful to fight humans as was showcased against the survey corps, but if it comes to a titan battle, the attack titan has the upper hand. The attack can harden itself and combat the beast titan. And if not for the royal blood of Zeke, it wouldn’t have the ability to transform humans into titans. 

Thus it is safe to say that the attack titan is stronger than the beast titan.

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