Beerus vs Quitela: Who Is More Powerful In ‘Dragon Ball’?


Beerus and Quitela are gods of destruction for universes 7 and 4 respectively. Both of them are incredibly strong, and whilst a fight between them is unlikely, let's find out who would win in a fight. 

Quitela is one of the strongest gods of destruction among the 12. In the manga, Quitela can defeat another god of destruction. 

He manages to defeat Ivan, the god of destruction for universe 1. Although Quitela looks as if he is fragile, his power and intelligence prove otherwise. 

 Whilst his cunningness and his greed make him one of the most annoying gods in the series, he is also one of the strongest. 

Beerus is the god of destruction of universe 7 which is considered a weak universe. However, its god is anything but. Beerus is quite possibly the strongest among the 12 existing gods of destruction. 

He can even use ultra ego, which is one of the strongest powers in the entire anime of Dragon Ball. Quitela might be strong, but there is no way that he wins against Beerus. 

Both of the characters are extremely smart and cunning, however, Beerus's power is higher than that of Quitela.  He trained and learned skills from Whis, and he does not exert any effort in obliterating his opponents. 

Therefore, in a fight between the god of destruction of universe 5, Quitela, and the God of destruction of Universe 7, Beerus, the latter would emerge victorious. 

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