Bella Ramsey Comes Out As Gender Fluid

WRITTEN BY Arushi Rai 

Bella Ramsey was born in Nottingham, England, on September 30, 2003.Ramsey is an English actor best known for her role as Lyanna Mormont in ‘Game of Thrones’.

 Besides acting, she also has a successful career in music. They have appeared in various TV shows like The ‘Worst Witch’, ‘Jane Grey’, and ‘Becoming Elizabeth’.

‘The Last Of Us,’ Bella Ramsey openly talked about how she doesn’t believe in the conventional construction of gender, revealing the first time she came across the realization she might not come under the veneer of her described gender.

 “I guess my gender has always been very fluid. Someone would call me ‘she’ or ‘her’ and I wouldn’t think about it. But I knew that if someone called me ‘he,’ it was a bit exciting.”

By being gender fluid, Ramsey doesn’t have to subscribe to being either male or female. Clearly, Bella doesn’t consider the matter of pronouns if she gets to be herself.

“I’m very much just a person,” she added. “Being gendered isn’t something that I particularly like, but in terms of pronouns, I really couldn’t care less.”

Ramsey will be playing the main character Ellie in the HBO max series  ‘The Last Of Us’.

The series is based on a video game that came out in 2013 by the same name. Although Ramsey is facing critisism at the moment lets hope for the best. 

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