Ben Affleck Addresses His ‘Mischaracterized’ Remarks About Jennifer Garner


Ben Affleck has been getting the attention of the internet for different reasons including his relationship with Jennifer Lopez.

While speaking to The Hollywood Reporter on Thursday, Affleck clarified about the controversy which was a result of the comments he made in 2021 about Jennifer Garner while speaking to Howard Stern.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Affleck said that he had a painful experience where he did an interview where he was very vulnerable and the pickup was something which was not right.

Affleck was eventually a victim of criticism after he said that he was feeling trapped in the dynamic with Garner and that is the reason he began drinking.

Affleck mentioned that Garner was never responsible for his drinking problems and that he was trying to make a sad point. He added that they still cared and respected each other.

Ben continued by saying that he was drinking a lot and people become less happy in terms of their marriages and jobs and life becomes more difficult.

The duo separated in 2015 and Affleck said that his quotes were mischaracterized in order to make it look like a clickbait and that he is clarifying for the last time that his ex-wife is not responsible for his alcoholism.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez reunited nearly 20 years after they were first engaged and they eventually tied the knot in July 2022.

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