Ben Affleck And Matt Damon's Bromance

Hollywood's best buds Matt Damon and Ben Affleck share a friendship that many people spend their lives looking for. Let's have a look in the 40-years-long bromance.

Ben and Matt first met in 1980s when they were 8 and 10 respectively. Both's mutual inclination towards acting brought the two of them together what later turned into warm friendship.

They got their first break together in the 1992 teen drama, School Ties. Matt played the lead role of Charlie Dillon and Ben was the supporting actor, Chesty Smith.

Later Ben and Matt collaborated to write the script of 'Good Will Hunting'. The film portraying a mathematics prodigy won the many Academy Awards including one for writing. Matt and Ben both co-starring in the movie gave an innocently moving speech on winning the Golden Man.

Since Ben and Matt have appeared on numerous movies together like Dogma, Project Green Light, The Third Wheel, and Jersy Girl.

Both Ben and Matt talk warmly and humorously of each other. In 2016, Ben comically snuck Matt into one of his interview by hiding him in his long coat. Matt revealed on 'Off Camera With Sam Jones' that he would not been able to make it without Ben. 

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