Best LGBTQIA+ Christmas Films


The Christmas House      The 2020 first gay Hallmark film follows the story of Brandon and Jake, who goes to former's parents' house to celebrate while they are awaiting for the news of the adoption from the adoption agency. It is a light-hearted, warm film about cherishing life with family.

Dashing In December       Wyatt Burwall, a city man comes to visit his mother in Colorado for Christmas to convince his mother to sell the ranch and falls in love with the ranch hand, Heath Ramos, who ignites love and festive spirit in him

Tangerine        It is an unconventional Christmas story where a trans sex worker, Sin Dee finds out that her boyfriend/pimp is cheating on her. So, along with her friend, Alexandra, she goes to find them in the bustling LA.

Single All The Way       The first Netflix LGBTQIA+ Christmas original explores the narrative of two friends falling in love when they visit one of the partners' family for Christmas

The Bitch Who Stole Christmas       In this extension of Drag Universe of RuPaul, a fashion journalist comes to a quaint town to cover a story and gets entangled amidst housewives and civilians halting a winter ball show happening in town

Carol       In this Patricia Highsmith novel adaptation, Cate Blanchett's Carol falls in love with a young budding photographer Therese. Carol's past and failed marriage lingers in her present in this lesbian drama.

The Family Stone      Though the LGBTQIA+ characters are not central, the film is one of the pioneers in the Christmas-themed queer films, where Thad and his partner sparks a dinner table debate when they announces adoption.

The Holiday Sitter        Another Hallmark film is about the ambitious Sam, who cancels his Hawaii trip to be with his sister's children. In the suburbs, he meets their next door neighbor, Jason. Together, they navigate way around children and learn some valuable lessons.

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