Best Netflix Shows Cancelled Too Soon


1899 ''Dark'' creators brought yet another high-concept thriller with predestination and time travel elements. But even with an ambitious multilingual cast and a riveting plot, Netflix wasn't on board.

GLOW A beautiful show about the bonds of sisterhood and reinvention, led by Alison Brie and Betty Gilpin, was cut short after its third season. Be it the ladies or the wrestling moves, the fans were sad about the show's untimely departure.

Everything Sucks The show's uncanny ability to bring alive teenage boredom made it an instant hit. You better believe how enraged we were when Netflix pulled the plug on this battle of the cliques!

The OA The OA was always going to be a tough sell, but how it dealt with grief and beauty earned it a well-deserved second season. It got progressively more profound and innovative, leading to the streaming giant canceling the cult series.

I Am Not Okay With This Another show that perfectly captured teenage angst and anxiety (with superpowers!) that got the short end of the stick. We can never be okay with this!

The Get Down A musical drama by Baz Luhrmann was going to be big and loud, and it was precisely that! While the show was a  delight, Netflix canceled 'The Get  Down' because of its enormous production costs.

Fate: The Winx Saga Bloom's journey to self-discovery in Althea didn't go far, as the show was canceled after its debut season. Netflix never gave an official reason for cancellation, and the fans of young-adult drama were left fuming.

Anne With An E Anne Shirley's free-spiritedness and enthusiasm touched us all. Sadly, we never saw her in full bloom when Netflix decided to let go of the show after its third season. 

Americal Vandal Brilliantly lampooning the cult of true crime, 'American Vandal' was the exact antidote we needed after endless hours of archived malfeasance. Not an original production of Netflix; it was let go by the streaming network.

Daredevil Our minds were blown when Netflix gave us a gritty, bone-shattering adaptation of the Daredevil comic strip. Between the shifting IP ownerships and concerns over show's tonal directions, Daredevil's time on Netflix ended. But don't despair, for another 'Daredevil' series is in the works!

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