Beyoncé Has Announced The 'Renaissance' World Tour 2023


Whenever Beyoncé releases an album, it is a celebration and festivity. Her seventh solo album 'Renaissance' was no different.

Beyoncé never misses a chance to celebrate, represent, and serve Black supremacy appreciating the art and the community.

With 'Renaissance', Beyoncé is celebrating the queer ballroom culture, the haven for resistance and acceptance along with women supremacy.

Beyoncé had all the songs from the album charting on the Billboard 100 list when it was released.

Beyhive was disappointed that the artist is not releasing an visuals for the album, but she did release a video titled 'Summer Renaissance' in collaboration with Tiffany & Co. for the album.

Beyoncé  conducted a private concert in Dubai at the Atlantis Hotel staging an astonishingly exquisite performance.

She brought her eldest daughter Blue Ivy to the concert to sing along with her.

The 'Formation' singer was performing after four years live. This did not sit with her fans at all demanding for visuals and update again.

Queen Bey has finally heeded to the demand of the fans as she announced 'Renaissance World Tour 2023' on her official website peeking the excitement of her fans.

Bey will be on the road after seven years since the 'Formation Tour' with a solo album.

She did accompany Jay-Z during the 'Everything Is Love' tour.

The tour will start in May in Sweden following France, Spain, United Kingdom, and Denmark. In July, she will tour the US circuit starting from Philadelphia and ending the tour in New Orleans in September

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