Billie Eilish And Lana Del Rey Bond Over Being ‘Very Hated’ Artists

Recently, Billie Eilish got the chance to interview one of her idols Lana Del Rey before the release of her new studio album, ‘Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd’ for the Interview Magazine.

Billie was fangirling over the Lana and thanked her for bestowing the opportunity on her.

They also discussed how social media has negative effects and how one single ‘wrong’ move can lead to the world closing the door on you.

Billie added how while scrolling on TikTok she comes across hate videos about her and is completely taken aback by them. The comments go straight to her head and she becomes pessimistic.

Lana followed up by saying that it’s hard to believe that even Eilish has to face this. But she feels that it’s good the Eilish surrounds herself with people that lift her up and act as a shield from the haters.

Eilish agrees and adds that if (Lana) ever feels as if the world was against you, it’s not and nobody thought like that. Eilish further says that even she feels like the whole world is against her but it’s just a tiny fraction of actual reality.

Del Rey agreed and said, “It can definitely limit your beliefs in terms of what the future holds. It’s like, is the way people talk about me going to change the way people relate to me every day?”

Del Rey also insisted that, “it’s so important to not focus on a negative situation that you don’t really have anything to do with. It’s a ride that you’re on, and you have to just keep on tuning in to what you want.

The two also exchanged notes on their writing processes and complimented each other’s songwriting. All in all, it was a fun interview and we hope that we get to see them both together more often.

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