Boros Vs Garou: Who Would Win In A Fight?


Boros is one of the major antagonists in 'One Punch Man'. He is the leader of the dark matter thieves who are a group of alien pirates who invade and destroy other planets.

Garou is another antagonist in the series. He was the main antagonist of the Human Monster Saga. He used to be a disciple of Bang, but he was kicked for brutally assaulting multiple students. 

Both the antagonists have proven themselves to be extremely strong as they survived Saitama's punch. But among the two, Boros would ultimately win. 

Boros has incredible strength and power, and that has been recognized by Saitama himself. He managed to survive multiple punches by Saitama and that is a testament to his powers.

Garou on the other hand is another strong opponent. He managed to evade Saitama's attacks. After being awakened, he is fast enough to defy gravity. 

Boros and Garou are almost equal in power, as said by the creator of 'One Punch Man' himself. However, Boros has a certain edge. Despite being extremely fast and strong, Garou's new form drains him quite quickly and he cannot maintain it for a very long time.

Boros has the power to destroy Garou with the meteoric burst cannon which has the power to destroy planets. 

However, that is not to say that Garou will always remain inferior, his powers continue to grow and he may Evey well surpass Boros. Unfortunately, this fight can never actually be seen as Boros is dead in the series. 

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