Brendan Fraser Admits He Didn't Like Shooting For George of the Jungle

BY Sumi Deka

Brendan Fraser recently appeared in an interview with Drew Barrymore where he expressed his thoughts about the time he worked on George of the Jungle.

Fraser confessed that he had a lot of trouble while filming for George of the Jungle as he was not comfortable with the attire.

Brendan said that he was not satisfied with the loin cloth which created a lot of problems. He said that he was kind of naked and was spray painted like he was in the autobody every morning.

He maintained a majestic look for the character which made his co-stars feel inferior. While speaking to Variety, Adam Sandler mocked Fraser for making him feel bad about himself through his majestic physique.

Fraser states that he loved working in the movie and he was a fan of the original material and he also loved the book.

Fraser mentioned that the book had a lot of humor and a message that was delivered in the form of comedy was something that he fell in love with.

Brendan has recently portrayed the role of Charlie in the drama film, The Whale. Fraser’s character suffers from the problem of severe obesity.

The 54-year-old will next appear in the crime drama film, Killers of the Flower Moon, directed by Martin Scorsese. This will be followed by the comedy film, Brothers.

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