Brendan Fraser Calls Golden Globe A “Hood Ornament”


Brendan Fraser has been spilling beans ever since he made a major comeback with ‘The Whale.’

He has talked about his good and bad experiences in the Hollywood industry, especially the Golden Globes.

I don’t need everyone to stand in solidarity with me,” he said while talking about boycotting the Globes.

He stated that it’s his fight and “no one else’s.” Fraser said that Hollywood supporting him in this would be a huge step.

It would be a calculated risk and it could also be trivialized very easily by the cynical view of this all,” he added.

Talking about his absence from this year’s Golden Globes, Fraser said that his “mother didn’t raise a hypocrite, and I didn’t wanna sit and feel like I really don’t know if I want this.

He had talked about how the HFPA did not take any action, reconcile or even apologize to him after he revealed he was allegedly groped by a member.

He said that even if he had won the award, it “would mean nothing to me.” He also called it a “hood ornament.”

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