Broly Vs Beast Gohan: Who Would Win In A Fight?


Broly and Gohan are two of the strongest Saiyans in not only universe 7 but in all of the universe. Beast Gohan and Broly are very unlikely to fight. But let's see who would win a hypothetical between them. 

Beast Gohan is a form unique to Gohan that is stronger than his Super Saiyan 2. In this form, his hair turns grey, similar to MUI Goku and he grows extremely powerful. 

He managed to defeat Cell Max with ease in this form and he can grow further if continues to train in this particular form. 

Broly is one of the strongest opponents Goku has had to face. His legendary super Saiyan is a very powerful transformation and is hard to counter. 

Broly is stronger than in Super Saiyan 3 form and he managed to get no damage from Goku in his SSJ3 form.  In a fight between Beast Gohan and LSSJ Broly, Broly likely emerges victorious. 

 It was very hard for Goku to defeat Broly and he had to use energy from both Gohan, trunks, and Goten to defeat Broly. This means Broly is stronger than SSJ3.

We know that Beast Gohan is stronger than SSJ2, but he isn't stronger than SSJ3 in his current state. Which means Broly wins against him. 

Gohan is quite possibly the strongest character in the series, and with proper training, he can get even stronger. However, in hai current state, Beast Gohan loses to Broly.

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