Brooke Shields Reveals She Was R**ed As A Teenager


Brooke Shields , an American actress and model, had become a critically acclaimed actress by the age of 12. 

She was a nation's obsession. Being a child model and the leading actor in  Louis Malle's Pretty Baby, she had so many fans. 

Some of her memorable roles were those in The Blue Lagoon in 1980 and Endless Love in 1981. She also continued to model through the years and appear in several dramas.   

It was in her new documentary Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields, that she revealed that she was raped as a young actress in Hollywood.

The actress knew the attacker but did not reveal the identity of the attacker. The incident happened after she graduated college. 

She believed that it was work and thought that the meeting was to discuss about a new movie. But the man  led her to his room and assaulted her. 

"It was like wrestling... I was afraid I could get choked out or something," the actress said. She froze at the moment  and didn't fight back. 

There many aspects of Shields' career that was discussed about her nude photoshoot at the age of 10, acting as a child prostitute at the age of 11 and so on. 

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