‘Friends’: Top 5 Thanksgiving Episodes

The One With The Late Thanksgiving (Season 10, Episode 8) Monica becomes furious when everyone shows up 45 minutes late to Thanksgiving dinner. It all works in the end, when Chandler and Monica get a call from an adoption agency about a baby.

The One With All The Thanksgivings (Season 5, Episode 8) As the group reminisce, Monica reveals that she once overheard Chandler (Matthew Perry) call her fat. She later lost the weight and accidentally cut off Chandler’s toe with a knife while trying to seduce him. In the present day, Monica tries to cheer him up by putting an entire turkey on her head.

The One Where Ross Gets High (Season 6, Episode 9) Monica’s parents finally find out that she’s living with Chandler. Rachel takes over dessert duties and accidentally combines the ingredients for a traditional English trifle and Shepherd’s pie. Thanks to Rachel’s pie … sorry English trifle, Ross gave rise to one of the most used dialogues in the history of Earth now: “It tastes like feet!”

The One With The Football (Season 3, Episode 9) The group decide to play football in the park. Monica and Ross — who were forbidden to play ever again after Monica broke Ross’ nose during a childhood game — face off once more to see who will win the Geller Cup. Chandler and Joey, meanwhile, fight over a Dutch woman.

The One With The Rumour Monica invites an old high school friend named Will Colbert to Thanksgiving dinner. The only problem? He hated Rachel back in the day and even cofounded an “I Hate Rachel Green” club with Ross. (Brad Pitt played Will, who was married to Jennifer Aniston for a year at the time.) During the walk down memory lane, it’s revealed that Ross hooked up with their 50-year-old librarian Anita.

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