BTS Members Best Halloween Costumes

On 2014, Jin  dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow for Halloween. How is he handsome and cute even when dressed as Jack Sparrow?

Suga went as 'Chucky' for 2014 Halloween and might I say he killed it! 

J-Hope went as a prisoner and let me borrow JK's words and say someone please arrest me! 

Internal screaming! Dracula could not have been worn better than our leader RM.

One of the humorous members in BTS and this costume could not have been an apt fit for anyone else other than Jimin! Charlie Chaplin revamped/

V is definitely not a joker but he is the JOKER here! He is handsome in every way and this is the Proof! 

JK rocked the 2014 Halloween as Grim Reaper. PERIOD!

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