Can Black Frieza Beat Beerus?


Frieza has proven to be one of the most difficult enemies that Vegeta and Goku have encountered. He is naturally powerful and does not need to train much. 

However, his new form, Frieza Black, was attained after he devoted 10 years to training alone. This form is stronger than anything ever seen before. 

However, fans wonder if this new Frieza can defeat Beerus, the god of destruction of universe 7. 

Black Frieza was easily able to defeat Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku and Ultra Ego Vegeta. This makes him the strongest mortal in existence. But when it comes to fighting against a god, Frieza is still behind. 

Beerus learned martial arts and fighting skills directly from Whis, who is one of the strongest angels in existence. In addition to that, Beerus's ki blast would be more than something Vegeta or Goku could handle. 

Frieza has proven himself to be formidable without training and transformation. But with training and his transformation, he is nearly impossible to beat. Therefore he deserves the title of the strongest mortal.

 However, the gods of destruction are quite powerful. Beerus is considered powerful even among them. 

Beerus also has more fighting experience than Black Frieza. With the right amount of training, Frieza might be able to fight the god of destruction as an equal, but that is not the case currently. 

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