Is Mayor Of Kingstown’ Season 3 Cancelled After Jeremy Renner’s Accident? 


Recently, Jeremy Renner shocked millions when he met with the snow plough accident. Renner was crushed by the 14,000 pound vehicle while helping stranded people.

While the Marvel's Hawkeye is resting, many celebrities like Chris Hemsworth commented on the recent post of Renner to wish him a speedy recovery. Jeremy's face had bruises and looked battered. 

Meanwhile, the unfortunate incident started the talk about cancelling 'Mayor of Kingstown'. 

Jeremy plays Mike McLusky in the crime thriller series and has had two seasons so far. The first episode of season 2- "Never Missed a Pigeon"- aired on 15 January 2022. 

Jeremy is one of the producers of the show and fans feared that the crime thriller will not live to see a season three as the injuries of the actor might take a long time to heal. 

However, there has been no discussion of this in the production. The season three of the series tentatively is neither cancelled nor confirmed. 

The series revolves around the McLasky family, power brokers in Kingstown Michigan. It follows the incidents of bringing in a corrupt city to law and order.

Besides Jeremy, the series star Dianne Wiest, Hugh Dillion, Taylor Handely, and Emma Laird. You can watch 'Mayors of Kingstown' on Paramount+. 

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