Can Prince Harry Get Affected Due To Drug Consumption Confessions? 


Prince Harry will be releasing his tell-all memoir 'Spare', which contains some bombshell confessions and saucy revelations.

Prince Harry's memoir got leaked in Spain, and the media outlets have released excerpts from the book

The Duke of Sussex revealed about his tumultuous relationship with Prince William, past relationships, and one of the most explosive confession was that of drugs consumption.

He did confess that he consumed alcohol and drugs to numb the pain due to Princess Diana's death

But, in 'Spare', he confessed that he used drugs for recreational purpose as it helped to escape reality and redefine it. He has consumed magical mushrooms , cocaine, and marijuana. 

In the UK, it is prohibited to possess, consume, and import-export 'non-medicinal' drugs under 'The Misuse of Drugs Act 1971', but Prince Harry flouted it consuming cocaine.

Cocaine is classified under 'Class A' drug. It could have landed him in prison for 7 years and unlimited fines. But, the royal family members are exempted from any criminal and civil proceedings.

Now, he lives in California with his family under O-1 Visa given to 'exceptional personalities'. But, if he has not disclosed his records of flouting drugs, his visa may get debarred

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