Can Someone Like Goku Or Vegeta Use Hakai In ‘Dragon Ball’?


Hakai, which translates to destruction, is a power used by Gods of destruction in anime and manga. As the name suggests, the user of this power can destroy anything with little to no effort.

This power can be used by simply extending one's palm towards the target, or by pointing their index and middle finger.  

To use this power, one needs to act like a god of destruction. This implies that the user needs to have destruction on their mind while using this power and be completely focused on using the power. 

Although theoretically, it seems impossible, Goku and Vegeta can use this form. Both of them have used it in one way or another. 

Goku used an incomplete form of Hakai against fused Zamasu but he was unable to finish him off as he used Mai as collateral against Goku. Since Zamasu is immortal, he managed to heal himself after being half disintegrated. 

Vegeta trained in the ways of a god of destruction when he was trying to learn Ultra Ego. Beerus helped him learn the Hakai, and Vegeta was able to destroy small pebbles after learning it. 

Amongst the two of them, Vegeta seems more likely to be able to master Hakai. This is because to use Hakai at its full power and efficiency, one needs to be in a destructive mind

 This goes against Goku's personality but suits Vegeta's. This is why Goku and Vegeta can learn Hakai, but Vegeta seems likely to master it with the right amount of training. 

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