Cardi B May Get Sued For Her Marge Simpson Costume

Cardi B paid homage to the matriarch in 'The Simpsons' for Halloween 2022. 

Initially, she posted pictures of her in the sky blue hair, yellow painted body, and skin hugging green body suit.

Later, she took the oomph factor higher with her butt barring pictures inspired from 1995 Mugler shoot with images of the inspiration she drew from.

However, she may get into legal trouble, because the original artist of the Marge Simpson X Mugler 1995 artist AleXsandro Palombo is set to sue her for not giving him the credits.   

AleXsandro is known to give his own twist to 'The Simpsons' infusing it with cultural moments. The artwork that Cardi B was inspired from was from his 'Marge Simpson Style Icon' series featured in Vogue UK in 2013

AleXsandro took to his social media platforms to accuses Cardi and her team not giving him credit for the pictures uploaded and used them without any authorisation. His lawyer has sent notice to everyone involved except the stylist that if they do not comply within seven days, there will be a legal action taken.

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