Celebrities Who Have A Feud With Kendall Jenner


Naomi Campbell  She has famously said these are different times, and Kendall's generation has it easy compared to her days of struggle.

Stephanie Seymour Concerning Kendall and her generation of models, Stephanie Seymour has gone on record saying they're the antithesis of her era in every conceivable way.

Rihanna  She holds Kendall responsible for her declining relationship, feeling hurt over the betrayal. 

Rebecca Romijn Romijn doesn't believe social media influencers have any right to be called supermodels and is disappointed with this new standard. 

Scott Disick Kendall Jenner  went on social media to find a picture of Disick, Sophie, and Reign and commented, "awww, Scott and his kids."

The Doors  The Jenner sisters are known for selling music merch, but not without violating copyright laws. Soon, they received a cease and desist notice from The Doors' surviving members.

Selena Gomez Kendall and Selena were once friends, even hanging out together in Coachella in 2014. Soon, Selena realized Kendall was using her for personal brand exposure.

Taylor Swift  Some believed the song 'Look What You Made Me Do' has subtle visual cues that take a dig at Kendall.

Janice Dickinson Janice Dickinson has made her hate of Kendall Jenner heard loud and clear. She thinks Kendall is barely a supermodel

Paris Jackson  Michael Jackson's daughter is not cool with how the music and musicians that have formed her were used for the personal capitalist gains of Kendall and Kylie Jenner. 

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