Chainsaw Man: Who Are Four Horsemen? How Powerful Are They?

In Christian legend, the Four Horsemen are a quartet of ferocious Devils who stand in for the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. There are numerous indications that Makima was associated with the Four Horsemen and there when they engaged the Weaponized Devils in their conflict with Pochita.

1. The Control Devil (Makima) Makima because she is It has been demonstrated that the Control Devil can manipulate any entity, she perceives to be beneath her, even coercing them into signing contracts with her or another Devil, thus leading to the victim's memory loss

She can use a sword at close to medium range to cut off the heads of adjacent targets. Though it's unclear if Makima acquired them, these skills are comparable to those of the Darkness Devil and the Gun Devil. Makima has demonstrated the ability to command a huge number of rats, enabling him to travel using them.

2. War Devil (Asa Mitaka) She signed an agreement with the War Devil under which they agreed to jointly control Mitaka's body. Asa's brain was only partially intact when the War Devil made this possible, although this has no particular negative effects on the girl. It appears that the War Devil is the only one who can seek the handover of control over the body.

Mitaki displays characteristics of a fiend in this state—she has no control over her body and a malformed head. The resulting appearance traits vanish after they change back. It's unclear whether they exist outside of Mitaka's head as well. It took Mitaka some time to realise that she could watch what was happening as a "ghost" while the Devil was in control of her body.

3. Death Devil (Unknown) The Death Devil is one of the Four Horsemen, but we presently know nothing more about him than that. Hopefully the details regarding Death Devil will be revealed later in the series.

4. Hunger Devil (Unknown) We currently know nothing at all about the Hunger Devil, other than the fact that he is purported to be one of the Four Horsemen. Hopefully the details of the Hunger Devil will be revealed later in the series.

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