Charlie Sheen's Daughter Sami Sheen Sizzles In New Bikini Pictures

Nishant Bhise

In June 2022, Sami Sheen, an actress and model joined OnlyFans.

She is the daughter of Denise Richards and 'Two And A Half Men' star Charlie Sheen.

Recently, she shared some pictures from her Hawaii vacation for her fans. Sami looked gorgeous and sizzling in a pink bikini near a waterfall.

She also shared other pictures in a black cutout bikini captioning, "some digitals for u".

Charlie Sheen did not support his daughter's decision earlier asking her to keep the pictures "classy , creative" without compromising integrity.

However, his ex-wife condoned him for being judgemental towards his daughter.

However, later, he took his words back and granted his support towards his daughter's career after admitting that he overlooked certain "salient points".

When Sami joined OnlyFans, her mother too came on board after she felt that the platform is empowering and allows the creators to express themselves authentically.

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