ChatGPT users respond to $42 per month premium fee

BY Sumi Deka

OpenAI revealed earlier this month that it was planning to monetize the AI chatbot ChatGPT by which users could join ChatGPT Professional for a pro version at a price of $42 per month.

OpenAI clarified that this will be an experiment and they are not making the pro access fully available for its users until now.

Users have recently shared a few screenshots online featuring the updates they have been getting. They show that they are getting better response and more reliable access by being able to use the new features.

According to an AI project developer, Zahid Khawaja, the pro version has been responding faster compared to the free version.

However, a few users were not satisfied with the pricing of $42. One of the users also said that it was too expensive for him and he was searching for something affordable.

It is clear that it is entirely upon the requirement of the customers if they want to purchase the product or not. Casual users would still prefer to use the free version.

Moreover, the market for AI chatbots is going to get affected this year as new rivals have entered the field and Microsoft is also integrating ChatGPT into the Bing and office suite.

ChatGPT was launched in November last year and it gained recognition for the responses and answers in different domains of knowledge.

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