Chevy Chase Net Worth In 2022

Chevy Chase Net Worth In 2022

Chevy was born Cornelius Crane Chase was born on October 8th, 1943 in New York.

Chase graduated from the Bard College in Bachelors of Arts in English. After College, he co-founded 'Channel One', which was converted into a film 'Groove Tube.'

In 1975, he was the first batch of SNL writers. He eventually started working as a cast member and appeared in the 'Weekly Update' segment.

In 1985, he gave his first box-office hit 'Fletch.' He received a Golden Globes nomination for Best Actor. He reprised his role of I.M.Fletcher in 'Fletch Lives.'

Throughout the 1980s-90s, he starred in multiple films like 'Man of the House', 'Snow Day', 'Three Amigos',  'Orange County', and the Vacation series. In 2009, he starred in series titled 'Community.'

The main source of income for the actor was writing and acting. He earned $750 per week from SNL. He charged $7 million for 'Fletch.' From endorsements, he received $3 million. Chevy Chase has accumulated wealth of $50 Million.

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