Chris Martin Praises Rihanna As The ‘Best Singer of All Time’


Chris Martin recently stated that Rihanna is the ‘Best Singer of All Time’ prior to her performance at the Super Bowl.

Martin said that he has been a big fan of Rihanna and the duo have also been spotted performing together at different events in all these years.

Billboard reported that in an interview with The Zane Lowe Show, Martin said that a Rihanna concert is now a special occasion considering how she rarely appears on stage.

Rihanna’s performance at the Super Bowl LVII half-time show will be her first show where she would appear in more than five years.

Chris Martin mentioned that it is a rare occasion for her to sing and this makes it more special in a strange manner and it proves that she wants to do it.

Martin also addressed further about the talents of Rihanna and said that someone has to be an idiot to understand that she is the best singer of all time.

Martin added that he is speaking in a biased manner because he is a big fan of Rihanna and that he she can walk out in sweatpants and sing.

Rihanna will be splitting her time this year at the Super Bowl clash between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles, which will be held at the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

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