Chris Rock Slams Will Smith In Live Comedy Special For Netflix


Chris Rock slapping Will Smith was an event that was remembered in 2022 and has been trending on the headlines until today.

People have been waiting for a year to see how Rock will address to the entire event and a response that will be remembered for generations.

Rock was possibly planning it for a long time and now he has addressed to the entire event towards the end of the Netflix live special, Chris Rock: Selective Outrage.

Rock was spotted targeting Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith alongside their marital issues. Rock’s lines were also loved by the audience.

Rock spoke to the audience and said that Smith has been practicing selective outage and it’s because everyone knows what exactly happened.

Chris Rock continued by saying that his wife was f**king her son’s friend. He said that the duo put everything on the internet and that everyone has been cheated but no one was interviewed by the person that cheated them on television.

He added that she hurt him more than he hurt himself and everyone in the world called him a b**ch. He said that he tried to call Smith but he did not pick up.

He even mentioned about all those who called Smith a b**ch after an interview on Red Table Talk which also included Charlamagne That God and The View.

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