Chris Rock Takes A Dig At Meghan Markle

Nishant Bhise

The Oscar skirmish between Will Smith and Chris Rock is still reverberating in the tinsel town. 

Now, after a hiatus, he shot for a Netflix gig 'Selective Outrage' which had a live broadcast.

During the show, he took a dig at Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. But, he also brutally trolled Meghan Markle for her claims that Royal Family was racist towards her.

Chris Rock started asking who Meghan Markle is. He described her as a "nice lady-just complaining".

He said that the claims of racism are not true. It was not racism, but "some in-law s***" that she was dealing with.

He also took a dig at the Royal Family calling them the "Original racists". Rock accused them of inventing colonialism.

Chris said that he understands her dilemma saying that a Black girl is trying to get accepted by the white in-laws.

Chris Rock joked that the Duchess of Sussex should get married to a Kardashian, because "they accept everybody".

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