Chris Rock's New Comedy Special Outrages Liberals On Twitter


Chris Rock’s new standup comedy special, Selective Outrage, was recently released on Netflix and it has grabbed the attention of the internet.

However, the comedy special has also been criticized by a few through online mediums and this is not anything new as similar incidents have happened in the past.

Leftist professors and journalists have launched tirades against Chris Rock in response to his new special, which was released through Netflix on Saturday.

Chris made waves after he called out Meghan Markle for her charges of racism against the royal family and also slammed Jada Pinkett of cheating on her husband, Will Smith.

He also spoke about the slap incident that happened in Oscars 2022. This is the first time Rock has spoken following the slap incident which went viral on social networking sites.

Rock’s special has angered thought leaders and influencers on the left who described it as shocking and also argued that he must be slapped live in front of millions of people.

Carnegie Mellon University professor Uju Anya who is an antiracist and feminist said that Rock deserved to be assaulted.

NBC reporter Ben Collins said that he was unable to force himself to watch the special and that subconscious took over him in just 14 minutes after he began watching the special.

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