Christina Applegate Says SAG Will Be Her 'Last Awards Show'


Christina Applegate gained recognition for her appearance on Dead to Me on Netflix and her performance has been praised by the audience.

She is planning to attend the Screen Actors Guild Awards with her daughter which is scheduled to take place on February 26.

Speaking to Los Angeles Times, Applegate revealed that the SAG Awards will be special and important for her for some important reasons.

She said that the reputation of the actors is different and she has already been a part of the Screen Actors Guild since 1975.

Christina Applegate also revealed that the 2023 SAG will possibly be her last awards show following her recent diagnosis with MS.

Applegate stated that another reason behind her decision is because she cannot get up at 5 a.m. and spend 12 to 14 hours on the set.

Christina portrayed the role of Jen Harding in the Netflix black comedy series, Dead to Me. The latest season of the series premiered on November 17, 2022.

Applegate is well-known for her performances on TV shows like Jesse, Friends, Sweet Charity and more. She has also appeared in several films like The Big Hit, Hall Pass, Crash Pad and more.

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