Controversial Super Bowl Jesus Advert Draws Heavy Criticism


This year’s Super Bowl has been grabbing the attention of the internet for various reasons and another one recently cropped up.

A campaign to promote Jesus and Christianity called He Gets Us will be showing two advertisements as part of a media investment worth $100 million.

Well the sports is familiar to everyone and the content has been preparing itself for being featured on TV screens, billboards and social media feeds since 2022.

The campaign has been arresting and showing the important figure in Christianity as an immigrant, refugee, radical, activist for women’s rights and bulwark against racial injustice and political corruption.

The website also has topics like artificial intelligence and social justice and the campaign claims that whatever people have been facing, Jesus is also going through the same.

The campaign is already popular because of a video titled The Rebel and the video has already received around 122 million views on YouTube.

The campaign is said to have suited perfectly with the NHL whose games have always featured the symbols or religion and players are always spotted praying on the field.

The details of the ads have created issues between young people and who does not know anything about the religion, the campaign is trying to attract two groups.

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