Controversies Surrounding 'Blonde'

Controversies Surrounding 'Blonde'

Right after the trailer was released, people started calling out Ana's casting and her Cuban accent. However, Monroe's estate defended her casting.

'Blonde' was also in the news for being the first NC-17-rated film to be released via a streaming service due to its sexual content. Ana has defended the content of the film.

The film has been slammed by critics who have called it "sexist", "problematic" and "anti-abortion." It has mostly received mixed reviews.

Model and singer Courtney Stodden has joined the list of people who are calling out the film for its problematic portrayal of Monroe. She's said she won't be watching the film.

She said, "As somebody who understands what it feels like to be exploited in a sexual way and then have people turn you into a joke when you are not a joke, I think diving into that is a little disrespectful."

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