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Blake Shelton is being loved for his appearances on The Voice but his exit from the show has left the audiences disappointed with his decision.

Shelton admitted that he plans on doing nothing after announcing his exit from the show and he revealed the news in October 2022.

Blake has been the host of the show for the last 12 years and he spoke about considering his exit from the show a long time ago in 2020.

In an interview with Today, he said that he was close to calling it a day right when the pandemic began and that because of Covid, he was not planning to leave the show so soon.

Blake Shelton added that the show changed his life and he would stay until the world gets back to normal again and that it also changed his personal life.

Shelton revealed that he met his wife Gwen Stefani on the show in 2014 and that they were romantically linked to someone else at the time.

Shelton and Stefani separated in 2015 and he stated that when he joined as a coach on the show, everything on his life was turned upside down.

Kelly Clarkson will also return to the show and she will be joined by Niall Horan and Chance the Rapper as the hosts and he mentioned that he would have stayed if Clarkson had not come back.

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