‘Counting On’ Star Jessa Duggar Shares Life-Saving Abortion Story In Emotional New Video


Jessa Duggar has recently disclosed about a tragedy she has to go through in a video which she shared on Instagram.

Duggar posted a video on her YouTube channel on Friday where she spoke about the loss of her and husband Ben Seewald’s fifth child.

Duggar recalled in the video that she was at the hospital with her husband when she was attempting to process the loss as she was sitting there and was holding hands and crying at the time.

The video was titled Heartbreak Over the Video and that nothing could have prepared her for the weight of those words at that moment. It had a runtime of 19 minutes.

During the next ultrasound session, a doctor revealed to them that the baby was not looking so good and she said that sometimes miscarriages can be impactful because people don’t have a sign that something is wrong.

She said that she was invisible for around 24 hours and Jessa eventually decided to check in to a hospital where she underwent dilation and curettage procedure so that the fetus can be removed.

She said that she was able to thank god at the time for giving them the life even if they could not hold the baby in their arms.

Jessa Duggar ended the video by saying that while she was taken back to her room and Ben and her mother were waiting, it was the hardest time of her life. She added that she is planning to take some break from social media.

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