Courteney Cox Reveals Her Dad Wanted Her To Quit Hollywood To Sell Swimming Pools


Courteney Cox has gained recognition for her flawless performances in all these years and she has recently spoke about her journey in Hollywood.

While appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday and said that her father thought that she should have given up on acting.

Cox said that she did not work for a long time and only had some money left in her pocket which could have accommodated everything for two weeks.

She mentioned that she was talking to her father and he was like she needs to return to home and it has been a long fall from Los Angeles to Birmingham and it is time to pack it in.

Courteney’s father was a pool salesman and she recalled that she spoke to her father, saying that he is a good salesman and that he must come home and do what he does best.

Cox admitted that she knew the pool industry was a fallback and she was saved by her big break. She said that the next day she got a call and she was cast as Michael J. Fox’s girlfriend in Family Ties for two years.

Courteney Cox has a few projects in her hand which includes Scream VI, which is scheduled to be released theatrically on March 10, 2023.

Cox will also appear as Brittany Wagner in Last Chance U. It will be based on the first two seasons of the Netflix documentary series.

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