Courtney Cox Responds To Prince Harry Doing Mushroom At Her House


Courtney Cox has recently responded to a viral claim from Prince Harry’s memoir Spare and it has been able to grab the attention of the internet.

Prince Harry recalled gobbling magic mushrooms at Courtney Cox’s residence in 2016 and while speaking to Variety, she said that Harry stayed at her place but denied passing out psychedelics.

Cox mentioned that he stayed at her house for a few days and described him as a nice person. She added that she has not read the book until now.

Cox stated that she wants to hear it because she heard that it is very entertaining but that it has gotten back to her about it.

Spare revealed in the book that he was invited to Cox’s house through a friend of friend who said that the actress was not at home.

Prince Harry wrote in the memoir that there are no complaints from his side and the idea of crashing at Monica’s was very appealing.

Harry recalled that he met Will Arnett at Cox’s house who indulged him in doing the voice from The Lego Batman Movie.

Prince Harry’s memoir was recently spoofed in an episode of South Park and Harry and Meghan’s representatives have denied that they were planning to file a lawsuit against the makers.

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