Creed 3: The Anime That Inspired The Michael B. Jordan Movie


Michael B. Jordan has recently made his directorial debut with Creed III and the film is being loved by critics and audiences.

He has revealed recently that he was inspired by an anime while speaking to IndieWire and the interview has been published recently.

While speaking to the outlet, Michael B. Jordan said that he loves the themes of anime culturally and the way they portray friendships, betrayal, revenge and promises.

Jordan also mentioned that he referenced popular characters and storylines from anime series like Naruto and Dragon Ball Z and that he was inspired by outcast heroes who must overcome all odds in the anime genre.

Michael also mentioned that he loves the thought process of anime, the internal dialog and seeing the world through how characters think.

Michael B. Jordan added that he used different technology and camera lenses to shoot the entire film and that he focused on the boxers’ perspective to zero in on their rivalry during important sequences.

He stated that anime was the perfect world to take Adonis and Damian to and that he wanted to see if he could make it feel like it was just two brothers going to settle everything.

Creed III is the ninth installment in the Rocky film series and a sequel to the second film, released in 2019. Creed III was released on March 3, 2023.

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