Data shows Humanity May Reach Singularity Within Just 7 Years


The word singularity has grabbed a lot of attention in the world of artificial intelligence. It refers to the moment AI exceeds out of human control and changes society.

However, AI singularity is impossible to predict and there is no clarity on where and how it starts and no one can find what is beyond this technological event horizon.

AI researchers are currently searching for signs to reach singularity measured by AI progress approaching the skills and ability comparable to a human.

One of the metric is an AI’s ability to translate speech according to the accuracy of a human being. Language is considered one of the most difficult AI challenges.

The company has been tracking the AI performance for around 8 years with TTE and now Translated’s AI show a slow and undeniable improvement as it closed the cap to human-level translation quality.

Translated reported that it takes around one second for a human translator to edit a word of another human translator.

Humanity is definitely close to approaching singularity but perfection of human speech is a frontier in AI research and the best skills cannot make a machine intelligent.

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