David Crosby Dies At 81


On January 18, 2023, Crosby passed away at the age of 81. A cause of death was not revealed by his representatives.

One of his former bandmates, Graham Nash expressed his grief over Crosby’s death.

It is with a deep and profound sadness that I learned that my friend David Crosby has passed,” Nash stated.

Crosby was a singer, songwriter, and guitarist. He was also one of the founding members of two 1960s rock bands the Byrds and Crosby, and Stills & Nash.

He joined the rock band the Byrds in 1964 as one of the founding members.

He then went on to form another band titled Crosby, Stills & Nash in 1968 with Stephen Stills and Graham Nash.

In 2022, Crosby stated he won’t be performing live as he is getting old and doesn’t have the stamina.

One of the last things he tweeted before his death was in reference to heaven and he said it’s crowded.

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