Def Leppard Drummer Rick Allen Attacked By Teenager Outside Florida Hotel


Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen recently became the victim of an assault incident where he was attacked outside a hotel while he was smoking a cigarette.

The incident happened on Monday outside the Four Seasons Hotel in Fort Lauderdale Beach and the teen who attacked Allen was hiding behind a pole.

While Allen came out of the hotel, the teen ran towards him and attacked him, following which he fell into the ground and suffered an injury.

The individual was identified as Max Edward Hartley, who is 19 years old and is from Ohio. Multiple charges were imposed against him and he was arrested.

According to the police report released in March 16, Max was charged with two counts of battery and four counts of criminal mischief alongside abusing an elderly or disabled adult.

While Allen was attacked, one of the woman who witnessed the attack rushed to help him but she was also hit by the individual.

Miami Herald reported that after hitting both the people, Max left the spot and although he was arrested, he has been already released.

Max was also found to be a culprit on charges of breaking into the Wine Garden restaurant and reportedly damaging many vehicles in a parking garage nearby.

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