Did Christian Bale Audition For ‘Titanic’?


Bale is known for his performance in films like ‘The Dark Knight’, ‘The Machinist’, ‘American Psycho‘, and several others.

However, he had also auditioned for the lead role in 'Titanic', but he didn't get it. 

During an interview where Bale was accompanied by Scott Cooper, the topic of ‘Titanic‘ came up. Cooper asked him, “Didn’t you audition for that?

I wasn’t going to go into that, but yes…I am really bad at auditions“, he said, adding that he is “terrible“.

I’ve never been good at them…I can’t do ‘em. They’re nothing like working. They’re not related in the slightest.”

Bale thinks that most of Hollywood stars owe their career to Leonardo DiCaprio as he passed on projects they starred in.

It’s not just me. Look, to this day, any role that anybody gets, it’s only because he’s passed on it beforehand,” the actor said.

One of the most acclaimed films of Bale’s career, ‘American Psycho‘, was first offered to Leonardo who couldn’t do it for some reason.

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