Did Gerard Pique Try To Get Back With Shakira?


The breakup between Shakira and Footballer Gerard Pique was one of the most high profile breakups ever.

The Celebrity couple had been dating and were together for 12 years, before they decided to call it quits.

Shakira and Pique met in 2010, and confirmed their relationship a year later. In a span of twelve years, the couple had two sons, although they never got married.

However, in Shakira's recent single she mentions "I'm not coming back to you, not even if you cry or beg me to.

Does this mean that Gerard tried to come back to Shakira after the breakup? Does her song give some kind of hints?

It has come to news that a source has cited some rumors that Gerard did try to reconcile, after regretting his decision to leave.

A report from Univision journalist Jordi Martin stated that, in 2022, a month after breaking up with Shakira, Pique tried to convince her to forget everything and get back to normal.

However, as Shakira didn't agree, their reconciliation wasn't a possibility. And Gerard has now set off with his new girlfriend Clara Chia.

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