Did Joni Mitchell Lose Her Voice?

Did Joni Mitchell Lose Her Voice?

Joni Mitchell is one of the best songwriters ever. When men were dominating the Rock genre, Joni was an equal force in the industry

Joni Mitchell had a turbulent life herself. As a child, she was bed ridden due to polio. However, she emerged a stronger person, because of her passion towards music. 

The artist had humble beginnings, but she climbed the ladder of success eventually when she came to the East Coast of the USA in New York. Her live gigs helped to be recognized as a songwriter!

David Crosby became a guide and mentor to her. With his help, she released her sophomore album 'Clouds'. For the album, she won her Grammy Award for 'Best Folk Performance'. In her career span, she had two albums inducted at Grammy Hall Of Fame. She has nine Grammy Awards.

Her last album was in 2009. Unfortunately, she was affected by a rare disease Morgellons. For the victims, a small fiber grows on the skin. The reason is tiny parasites that cause itching, crawling sensations, fatigue, mental fog. The disease restricted her mobility. She used to be sick for almost two weeks.

The folk artist was recovering from it and she was affected by a brain aneurysm rupture, which affected her speech and walking ability. She went through an intense physical therapy and rehab. Joni battled through the tough times. In July 2022, she surprised audience at the Newport Folk Festival.

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