Did Michael Jackson Behave Inappropriately With Aaron Carter?

Aaron Carter was found dead in the bathtub of his California home on Saturday. He dished details in his controversial new memoir, ‘Aaron Carter: An Incomplete Story of an Incomplete Life’, set to be published posthumously Tuesday.

Aaron Carter in his memoir has written about a disturbing incident that allegedly occurred at Michael Jackson’s California home. In his memoir, ‘Aaron Carter: An Incomplete Story Of An Incomplete Life’, which is set to be published posthumosly, Carter has revealed an underwear incident with the King Of Pop.

The disturbing incident allegedly occurred at Jackson’s Neverland Ranch in August 2003, when Carter was just 15 years old. “Michael and I went into the main house alone and headed to his bedroom area,” Carter wrote. “After a while, I said I was ready for bed. I hadn’t really thought about where I would sleep,” the ‘I Want Candy’ crooner continued.

“Obviously, there were tons of rooms in the house. But he pulled out this cot next to his bed that was already made. I never asked for the cot, but there it was. I didn’t care. I was tired. He turned out the lights and got in his bed, and we went to sleep.

“A couple of hours later, something woke me. I sat up and found Michael at the foot of my cot in his tighty-whitey underwear. I don’t know if he was sleepwalking or what, but he seemed to still be asleep.” ‘What the f–k!?’ I shouted and shook him a little to wake him. ‘Go back to your bed!’” the former child star claimed he told Jackson.

“He just mumbled, ‘OK,’ then got back into his bed, and we both went back to sleep. I never asked him about it, and we never mentioned it. When I woke up in the morning, he was gone from the room.”

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