Dragon Ball: 10 Things That Vegeta Can Do But Goku Can’t


10) Vegeta is a Strategist Goku is smart but he is the type of fighter that thinks on the spot and deals with situations as they come. Vegeta on the other hand is a pure strategist. 

9) Vegeta Is Smart And Cunning Vegeta is very smart and cunning. Goku is very smart but he is quite naive. In addition to that, Vegeta possesses far more knowledge than Goku does. 

8) Super Saiyan Blue Evolved Goku managed to not only attain but perfect Super Saiyan Blue. Vegeta evolved the form by removing the constraints on the form which in turn gave him a power boost.

7)  Control Over The Great Ape Form All Saiyans turn into their great ape forms on a full moon. The Saiyans lose their control in this form, but Vegeta can retain it. He can also turn into a great ape consciously. 

6) Train In More Gravity Goku trained using the gravity machine. He used to train under 100x the gravity of Earth. Vegeta tries to defeat Goku in this and trains under 450x the gravity of Earth.

5) The Galick Gun Goku has Kamehameha, and Vegeta has Galick Gun. To use this, Vegeta puts one hand on the other and gathers Ki. Once he manages to gather enough Ki, he releases a blast of concentrated energy.

4) Big Bang Attack To use this, Vegeta simply needs to extend his palm and shoot an energy blast that leads to a big explosion. This attack is flexible in addition to being deadly.

3) Use Hakai Vegeta managed to learn a little of this technique and can destroy small objects. Goku cannot use this technique as he needs to get into a destructive mind, which is not possible for him. 

2) Ultra Ego Where Ultra Instinct focuses on defense, Ultra Ego focuses more on offense and raw power. This state is unique to Vegeta and Goku can not use it.

1) Vegeta Is A Better Father Vegeta cares about his children. He spends time with his children outside of training and he was willing to stay in a fractured timeline so that Future Trunks wouldn't be alone. 

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