Drew Barrymore Shares Rare Glimpse Of Her Very Messy Bedroom


Drew Barrymore recently decided to interact with her fans on social media where she decided to share a glimpse of her messy bedroom.

She posted a video featuring the before and after cleaning situations of the bedroom and the video received a decent response on social media.

Drew started the video with an automated voice over and where it was mentioned to show her room before and after she cleans it and she took the initiative.

The video began with Barrymore walking through the entrance of the room and walking past a tower of boxed that were placed next to a brown chair and matching ottoman while giving an exasperated look towards the camera.

Barrymore was seen in a casual outfit and this included a plain and blue T-shirt while her hair was parted in the middle allowing her locks to fall down past her shoulders.

Drew panned the camera towards an ornate desk that was topped with different items in a disorganized manner. She then turned the camera towards her bed showing different boxes and items thrown along the floor.

The doors of the storage cabinet were spotted against the wall on one side of the bedroom and she then walked towards her bed.

While filming the video, music was heard playing loudly in the background and it also featured the bathroom and there was a proud look on her face once the cleaning was over.

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