Dwayne Johnson And DC Showdown

WRITTEN BY  Arushi Rai

"The hierarchy of power in the DC universe is about to change"

'Black Adam' became "The Rock"'s DC film debut as a superpowered anti hero however the film failed to meet the hype.

Johnson's big plans with Warner Bros. Discovery were not looking so good after the film did not bring in the anticipated financial success.

Johnson told his plans about the "Black Adam" franchise, which he though is going to be a film series finally ending with a battle between Black Adam and Superman.

'Black Adam's' initial budget was of $195 million added the $40 million which were the cost of reshoots. However, the film only bagged $31 million making the possibility of a sequel quite low.

With a literal change in heirarchy with James Gunn and Peter Safran as the new heads of DC films there was a reset in the whole Black Adam Franchise.

They even decided to let go Cavill saying that his storyline ended in 2018. In december 2022 Dwyane also confirmed that he won't be returning either.

seems like Johnson's plan didn't work out as planned . However the movie didn't do well on the box office, Dwyane and Cavill's fans are pretty disappointed. 

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