Dwayne Johnson Made His Super-Fan Adele’s Dream Come True


Dwayne Johnson has recently revealed that he planned a few things in order to give a big surprise to Adele at the 65th Grammy Awards.

Adele was also present at the event on Sunday night but she could not speak a word when she found Trevor Noah bringing a special person towards her.

The man was none other than Dwayne Johnson and Noah mentioned in his monologue that Adele always wanted to meet Johnson.

In an interview with Variety, Johnson stated that they planned to do something special for the singer as he was aware that she is his biggest fan.

Johnson revealed that he is also a big fan of Adele along with her journey to becoming one of the well-known faces in the music industry.

While Johnson arrived for the event, Grammys executive producer Ben Winston told Johnson about a plan to surprise Adele before the show starts.

Johnson said that it was a great plan to surprise Adele and he along with the Grammys tried to ensure that it turns out to be one of the best surprises.

Johnson added that he also had a conversation with Adele’s boyfriend Rich Paul and Johnson also presented Adele with an award for Best Pop Solo Performance.

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